From: Antoine Elhashem

As a media company, we serve both our readers and businesses wanting to connect with our LGBTQ2S+ communities.

COVID-19 was a big challenge in figuring out how to continue providing content for our community, while helping businesses who are struggling themselves, and also of course planning how to continue being in operation with the challenges posed by the physical distancing and lock-down, as well as the lack of business and marketing spending. Luckily we worked fast and our team bonded together to come up with plans and solutions.

One of the productions we provide for the community is our popular talk show ON the COUCH. The show normally films live and in front of an audience. So that was our biggest challenge. We can’t film the show, which means we can’t provide our broadcaster ROGERStv’s Ontario stations with any new content, but we did not want to lose viewers, or harm the brand at the height of the popularity which we have been experiencing in the last few years.

So sitting at home, working less, we figured we do the show virtually. We gave it a cute name “I Will Survive – a quick chat ON the virtual COUCH”. We would film guests using video conference services, and use social media to circulate the show. After a couple of tries figuring out the programs, equipment, lighting, and such, we settled into a fantastic routine of filming two or three interviews/shows per week, and actually the love and support has made this virtual version even more popular. So it seems now that we can use our time to get bigger and better at our game. When we get back to the studio, we would have attracted more viewers and receive lots more love for the work we do.

It got me thinking… any business can do something similar. Perhaps interview suppliers to talk about challenges? Or interview your loyal customers to talk about how they’re spending their time? This could be great material to post on your social media pages, or on your website.

Be safe. Thank you for reading, and glad to share some of our experiences, and to share this new additional website to our regular media which we developed with some great partners to help businesses and our LGBTQ2S+ community connect during these times.

Antoine Elhashem
President INspired Media Inc.
Host ON the COUCH

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