From: Kerolos Saleib

This website is needed more than ever. We are in a time that we understand each other and connect with one another even more. However, we realize that small local businesses need us. It is crucial to know out there what we have access too locally, especially as LGBTQ2+ business and ally businesses. Times are changing and they are changing for the best. We may seem out of touch physically, but we are realizing that we are more in touch emotionally and mentally more than ever before. The Pink Basket helps us continue to connect with those businesses that love us and cherish us. Let’s continue to support them and show them love. At ACDR (AIDS committee of Durham Region) we are working hard still to stay connected to the community. We feel the struggle and we are sharing with your emotions, but we are not giving up and we are making the necessary changes. This website helps with acknowledging and keeping up with those changes and our local LGBTQ2+ businesses. Show your PRIDE.

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